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Our Strengths


We are an organisation primarily working with rural people. The fact that we are located in a village about 16 km from the district headquarters and Hardoi itself gives us a strength to work in rural areas. Our sprawling campus is epicentre of all the activities of the organisation.

The ashram campus has offices, training centres, hostels, library, schools, hostels for students, residences for in-house people and visitors etc. Even in this remote area the offices are equipped with all modern office automation gadgets like computers, laptops, printers, photo copiers, LCD projector, internet, generators for continuous supply of electricity and a computerised branch of Central Bank of India etc. We have several vehicles for quick transportation.

We have a dedicated and committed team of workers, most of whom are from the very community with whom we work. This has helped in maintaining very good relations with the community. For human resource management, there is well documented human resource policy.

For the organisatinal management all legal formalities have been completed long ago and legal requirements are met sacrosanctly. We have up to date accounting system prevalent in the sector and have financial policy in place.

All these help in smooth running of the organisational affairs.