Diversification of Agriculture

Decreasing agricultural land and employment opportunities in rural areas underline the need that diversification of in rural areas is adopted. With this in mind, Diversification of Agriculture Project (DASP) has been initiated in the rural areas. It has agriculture, horticulture, psciculture, food and fruit processing, dairy, animal husbandry and mandi as major components.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To promote diversification and intensification of agriculture produce through research and extension while using improved technology
  • To increase productivity of agriculture produce in similar regional situations in rural areas, carry out demonstrations about this and motivate other farmers
  • To arrange better prices by value addition to agriculture produce
  • To promote below poverty line people to above poverty line in rural areas
  • To ensure appropriate and total utilisatio of human labour
  • To increase sources of income by developing institutional market management

The activities include:

  • Promotion of agriculture production and marketing by forming groups
  • Motivation of farmers to adope several components so his income may go up
  • Upkeep of surplus and value addition to it
  • Promotion of market system while increasing productivity of agriculture produce

This project is being implemented with support from Uttar Pradesh Diversified Agriculture Support Project (UPDASP) ain collaboration with Agriculture Technical Management Agency (ATMA).