Sodic Land Reclamation

Sodic Land Reclamation is one of the biggest projects of Sarvodaya Ashram.

At present the organisation is working to reclaim over 100,000 hectares of sodic land in Phase II of the project.

The project has the following components:

  • On-farm development and land treatment
  • Improvement of drainage system
  • Agriculture support services
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building for market access
  • Project Management        

This is a multi-stakeholder project and the organization is providing the following services:

  • Mobilisation of village communities
  • Formation of water user groups
  • Training farmers in effective land and water management practices
  • Dissemination of improved agricultural technology and production practices through on-farm demonstrations
  • Support for livestock production, including dairy development and small ruminants as appropriate
  • Exposure visits, farmer fairs, animal health camps and other ‘means’ for rural communication and outreach
  • Training and capacity building of line department staff and other relevant providers of support services to farmers
  • Mobilisation and capacity building of community based institutions like SHGs and Producer Groups (PGs)
  • Support to cluster level producer groups for productive assets
  • Investment support for productive assets
  • Improving rural market infrastructure
  • Organisation of innovation forums

This project is supported by Uttar Pradesh Bhoomi Sudhar Nigam Limited.